The Humtees story began in 2015 when two former college classmates got the bug to start a business. Co-founder and CEO Karthikeyan was hard at work in a DELL International that he says “didn’t have a lot of heart” and was itching to do something entrepreneurial and meaningful. Meanwhile, Karthikeyan’s former classmate Senthil Muthusamy  had spent the previous years building his family business. Both wanted to start a business which gives the customers the feel of completion. Both started into building the base of the very first version of humtees.com, which let people upload graphics onto t-shirts and buy them… the base version. The idea of helping people create something online and then receive it as a physical product they could touch and wear .

The more they worked at it, the more convinced they became that getting custom t-shirts the traditional way was a pain-in-the-neck and that they could make it fun, easy, and reliable with a “design online” website. They officially founded Humtees in December of 2014 and had soon assembled the rest of the early team. As the humtees team took shape, the one common denominator was design: Humtees attracted the kind of people who really care – the ones who get a bad feeling in the pit of their stomach if they think they’re going to let someone down – and repelled those who didn’t.

When we launched our first fully-functional site and began taking orders in Feb 2015, we lacked the sophisticated behind-the-scenes systems we have today. Our team of 5 Hum-tans (including Karthik and Senthil) wrote order notes by hand on printed sheets of paper and manually calculated due dates and shipping times. Despite our early limitations, we managed to do a great job for our customers, and we’ve kept our focus on customer satisfaction as we’ve grown: our order volume has increased by a factor of about 20, but our post-order feedback surveys show that customer satisfaction rates are even higher now than they were then!

And we’re continually expanding our services in response to your requests. In addition to screen printing and embroidery for bulk orders, we now offer a digital printing service that allows you to design and order as little as one custom t-shirt at a time – perfect for gifts or self-expression. We also offer free expert art assistance, design consultations, and a thorough proofing process to ensure that your custom design – whether printed on one t-shirt or thousands – turns out perfectly!

We love coming to work every day – we’re among friends here, and we’re challenged to innovate and take ownership over our work while being creative in our jobs and focusing our attention on making our customers happy. In short, we’re inspired.